Price of 1kg freshwrapp aluminium foil 72 m 50gm

  The freshwrapp aluminium foil is of different specifications, like 1kg, 72m, 50gm, 12mircon etc. As a kind of household aluminium foil, its price varies with thickness, weight, length and quality. Please refer to Why is it difficult to obtain a specific aluminium foil price for details. In addition, food containing industry is embracing fresh wrap aluminium foil, too.

freshwrapp aluminium foil

  With the rapid development of the fresh food industry, businesses have increasingly strong demand for fresh-keeping packaging and prefabricated food packaging. Traditional modified atmosphere packaging has been difficult to meet the different requirements for materials for various fresh food materials and packaging differentiation. Under this situation, aluminum foil food packaging for modified atmosphere freshness came into being. As the aluminum foil material has obvious advantages in barrier properties, combined with cover film and air conditioning technology, it can effectively extend the shelf life of food and reduce the loss caused by food waste.

  The shelf life of ordinary packaging is only 1-2 days. Modified atmosphere packaging can extend the shelf life to 7 days. Modified atmosphere packaging using freshwrapp aluminium foil doubles the shelf life to 15 days. Even steamed all aluminum foil food modified atmosphere packaging The shelf life can be as long as one year and 12 months. Aluminum foil is resistant to high temperatures and can be heated by ovens, microwaves, steaming and other advantages. It has also been widely used in prefabricated food packaging. In the future, we will see more and more prefabricated foods packaged in aluminum foil containers in fresh food and beverage stores. The dining experience brings more and better packaging options.

Is aluminum foil 11 micron jumbo heavy duty aluminium foil

  Is aluminum foil 11 micron jumbo heavy duty aluminium foil? Whether an aluminium foil heavy duty foil or not largely depends on its thickness. The thickness of heavy duty aluminum rolls ranges from 0.1mm to 0.2mm, namely 100 micron to 200 micron. Therefore, the 11 micron aluminium foil jumbo is not heavy duty foil.

  A aluminum foil 11 micron jumbo falls on the category of single zero foil, which has a thickness of 0.01mm and less than 0.1mm. Because of its excellent properties and continuous progress in production technology, single zero aluminium foil is currently widely used in beverage packaging, flexible packaging, cigarette packaging, capacitors and construction industries. The surface of the foil is smooth and oil-free, which is not conducive to the growth of bacteria. Food grade 11 micron aluminum foil can be in direct contact with food, does not cause harm to human health, and it is not easy to volatilize, so the packaged food will not dry out and deform. The foil has high hardness and tensile strength, but its tear strength is small, so it is easy to be torn. The aluminum foil itself cannot be heat-sealed, so heat-sealing can only be done by applying heatable materials such as pe on its surface. Single zero aluminum foil manufacturer Haomei aluminium produces foil with 0.018-0.5mm thickness, and the application scope covers medicine packaging foil, tape foil, food packaging, electronic foil, etc.

8xxx 8011 8021 8079 aluminium foil roll price

  Aluminium foil rolls can be divided into 1xxx, 3xxx and 8xxx by series, the most frequently applied are 8xxx series, including 8011, 8021 and 8079, among which 8011 covers the widest scope of application. It can almost replace any other aluminium foil grade in any application, from food packaging to battery foil. Then how much is the price of 8xxx aluminium foil rolls? It depends on the grade and thickness of the foil as well as rolling methods of raw materials.

aluminium foil roll 8xxx

  8011 aluminum foil price proves to be the lower than the other two alloys, for it’s the most popular and its manufacturing process is the maturest. Because of its excellent sealing, plasticity, corrosion resistance, etc., it is widely used in food and beverage, cigarette medicine, household daily use and other fields. 8021 aluminum foil is the main product of food packaging and battery soft aluminum foil. Compared with 8011, 8079 aluminum foil has higher strength, better elongation and stretching ability. 8079 aluminum foil has all the advantages of 8011, and it is easier to process beautiful patterns and patterns in various colors, so it is very popular in the packaging industry. Accordingly the price of 8021 and 8079 is higher.

  Thickness of 8xxx aluminium foil is grouped in the same way as ordinary foil roll. There are thin aluminium foil(0.005-0.009mm), medium thick aluminium foil(0.01-0.1mm) and great value heavy duty aluminum foil (0.1-0.2mm). Generally speaking, thicker foil rolls are cheaper by weight, for thinner rolls entail more and preciser casting steps.

  There are no differences among aluminium foil rolls by hot and cold rolling. When we speak of hot or cold rolling for aluminium foil, we refer to the rolling method of its raw materials. Whether it’s cold rolled or hot rolled, the aluminium foil blanks are sent to the rolling mill for rough rolling, intermediate rolling and finish rolling. The price for 8xxx aluminium foil of hot rolled materials are more expensive.