Aluminum Foil for Air Conditioner from aluminium foil manufacturer

  Aluminum boasts so many advantages that it is more and more widely applied. It’s of small density, good heat conductivity, excellent workability, environmental properties and low cost. As a result, aluminium foil manufacturers are trying to replace traditional raw materials with aluminum. Take air conditioners for example. Manufacturers use aluminum as conductor sheets of heat exchangers. As a result, a new term has come into being in the industry: aluminum foil for air conditioner.

  Aluminium foil roll for air conditioners has been developed for over 20 years in China and got fast development in the past 10 years when air conditioners were winning more and more popularity. Nowadays air conditioners are becoming smaller and more efficient. Correspondingly the heat conductor sheets becomes thinner and stronger. In 1980s the thickness was about 0.15mm but now it reaches as small as 0.09mm. In addition, coated conductor sheets of various functions have been developed to extend air conditioners’ service life, reduce power consumption, improve ventilation effect and strengthen refrigeration effect. There are now conductor sheets of anti-rust type, surface water-loving function, water-repellent function, mildewproof type and self-lubricating type. This makes aluminium foil uses wider and wider.

  Anti-rust conductor sheets of aluminum foil for air conditioners are coated with a protective layer on the surface. Air conditioners with such sheets can be used in regions of severe conditions and have obviously longer life than ones. In addition, anti-rust ability of the sheets prevents production of corrosive dust on the surface, which helps to improve ventilation and eventually air quality of the service area. Water-loving aluminium foil rolls are usually applied to evaporators. Their main function is to lead clotted water down the sheets so that water will not accumulate on the sheets, which will greatly reduce ventilation effect as well as heat exchanging effect. Generally speaking, water-loving sheets also have anti-rust ability. Self-lubricating sheets have no lubricant oil but a thin layer of lubricating film, which avoids harmful influence on human body.

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