3003 aluminum coil coating line

Coating services for metal aluminum coils such as aluminum and cold- and hot-rolled, galvanized, galvannealed, and stainless steel. Protective and decorative coating services are available. Capable of handling various material width, thickness, cross section, gauges, and grades with different topside colors and combinations. Capabilities also include printing, laminating, striping, embossing, slitting, and shape correction. Functional, decorative, camouflage, holographic films and metallic coatings also offered. Markets served include construction, business and consumer goods, HVAC, automotive, and transportation. (more…)

Wholesale factory price aluminium coil for industry use

Aluminium coil for industry use for decades. This alloy’s corrosion resistance and fatigue behavior are also equal to, or better than, many of the other high strength aerospace alloys, and is for those applications that require a combination of high strength, superior fracture toughness and resistance to fatigue crack propagation.The metal is light weight, highly conductive, low cost, and has excellent corrosion resistance characteristics. (more…)