Simple Introduction to Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is obtained by pressing aluminum alloy into thin pieces. Because of its softness and good sealing effect, aluminum foil is widely applied in packaging, heat insulation and decorative materials, among which packaging best embodies its advantages.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil wins popularity for several reasons. First, it’s soft and moisture resistant. This makes it particularly suitable to be used as packaging materials. Second, unlike some other metal materials that contain toxic elements, it’s nontoxic and of good wear resistance. Even if applied to daily items, it’s healthy and environmental. Third, it’s convenient to print colored designs and pictures based on its graceful silver surface, which strengthens its decorative function. Fourth, when compounded with other materials like, aluminum foil shows better strength, heat insulation, water-proof ability and anti-corrosive property. Cooked food wrapped by this kind of foil lasts over a year without going bad. Besides, it’s convenient to cook wrapped food and then open the package to eat.

With economic development and increasing demand for fast food, the application of aluminum foil is more and more widened. These days people attach more importance to appearance. They tend to believe that there will always be noble souls under attractive appearances. Beers and beverages of medium quality, if matched with aluminum seal and package, sell at a good price. Can food is contained in aluminum foil cans to keep freshness and extend guarantee period. Modern rolling mills can produce aluminum foils of larger width, thicker rolls, rapider speed and more advanced automation. The width of a roller can reach as much as 2200mm and above. The speed of rolling is 2000m/min and more. The weight of a single roll of foil is at least 20 tons. Most rolling mills are equipped with automatic system like AGC and AFC.

Attention in aluminium sheet foil production process

Aluminium sheet foil mainly used in the food packaging, medicinal aluminum foil, battery packs and other areas have a good performance. In particular, with the development of aluminium coils/foils production process, medicinal aluminum foil with its excellent moisture resistance, barrier properties, chemical resistance, chemical stability, health, the proportion of applications rising, the appearance and quality requirements of the more. The higher the market outlook is very broad. (more…)

Aluminum foil is a kind of non-toxic packaging materials

Aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging materials, so direct contact with food will not be harmful to human health, please rest assured use.Aluminum foil is a kind of direct stamping with aluminum foil into a hot stamping material. The most important thing is that the aluminum foil is clean and hygienic, and the appearance of the round aluminum foil plate is glittering. The aluminum foil also has many characteristics and is widely used in life. (more…)

Aluminum foil has many excellent performance as packaging material

Contemporary aluminum foil mill roll body width has reached more than 2200mm, the rolling rate reached 2000m / min or more, the roll weight reached more than 20t. Aluminum foil is usually used as a packaging material, widely used in food, beverage, cigarette, medicine, photographic floor, household commodity and so on.It can also be used as a decorative line of gold and silver, wallpaper and a variety of stationery printed materials and light industry products such as decorating grades. (more…)

Aluminum foil strip with round edge and without burr

We supply good quality aluminum foils,aluminum strip,aluminum sheets ,aluminum coil and other aluminum alloy. No scratches,Smooth edges.



Aluminum Strip:1050,1060 ,Temper :Soft

Inner Diameter:300mm& 500mm

Aluminium foil/strip with round edge and without burr

Aluminium strip/ foil with round edge and without burr used for transformer are made of high quality pure Aluminium. They are soft with high conductivity, flat surface, smooth edge and no burr. They are the key raw materials for making Transformer winding. Using qualified aluminium strip/foil, Transformer has the advantages such as miniature and light weight, nice insulation performance, anti-flaming, no pollution, small partial discharge, moisture resistant, stable operation, low noise & low maintenance cost etc.


ALLOY-TEMPER 1050-O, 1060-O, 1070-O
Thickness 0.2-0.4 0.4-0.8 0.9-1.1 1.2-1.6 1.8-2.5
Tolerance ±0.01 ±0.015 ±0.02 ±0.025 ±0.03
Width <100 100-200 201-500 501-1250 >1250
Tolerance ±0.1 ±0.2 ±0.2 ±1 ±2

olerance Burr and Collapse

<0.2 0.01 >0.05-0.1
0.2-1.0 0.015
1.1-1.5 0.02
>1.6 0.03

Feature of aluminum foil strip with round edge and without burr:

Super thin,super extractive;

Thin and light;

High strength;

High thermal conductivity and electric conductivity;

Excellent silvery white luster,beautiful appearance.

1050 1060 1070 1350 grade aluminum foil for transformer winding

The aluminium foil used for transformer winding is required high-quality pure aluminum as raw materials which has high conductivity, soft characteristics, smooth surface, is an ideal material for the production of dry-type transformers, and the key raw material for transformer winding. (more…)