How to transporting aluminium sheet and foil materials correctly

What should we pay attention to when transporting aluminium sheet and foil materials?

Aluminum coil foil can be packed in whole roll and divided into small rolls for transportation. It is better to liner paper core or aluminium core to prevent deformation of aluminium foil roll in the process of transportation. Aluminum sheet plate should pay attention to stability during loading and prevent collision of aluminium plate.

Aluminum sheet in foil are not corrosion-resistant. If they are rained during transportation, they may lead to uniform corrosion on the surface and affect the appearance in the use process. Therefore, aluminum sheet, aluminium strip and embossed aluminium sheet must be moisture-proof and rain-proof in the transportation process. Corrosive liquid should not be mixed with wet, oil products, chemical raw materials and other materials to avoid local corrosion. Aluminum sheet or aluminium scrap.

The loss in the transportation of aluminium sheet is nothing more than the following: bruising, water oxidation and scratching. The unreasonable loading is the main cause of the loss.

When loading aluminium sheets, we must fix them steadily, not on other goods, but on the bottom of the carriage; secondly, the aluminium sheets can be stacked in layers, but not too high, not more than 3-4 layers is appropriate; thirdly, other goods in the carriage should be reinforced to avoid bumping into the aluminium sheets on the way of driving; lastly, the aluminium sheets should be covered with waterproof cloth to avoid weather such as rain and snow. The reason causes the loss of aluminium sheet.

Aluminum plate hardness is generally low, so in the transport process also need to do a good job of anti-knock work, especially aluminum foil is more likely to occur, knock. During loading, unloading and transshipment, we must do a good job of protection, including the use of soft belt for hangers, and the use of angle guards in the places where contact with aluminium plates supplier, so as to ensure the safe arrival of goods.

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