What is the cost of aluminium foil

The cost of aluminium foil price per US $2,200-3,000 / Tons Thickness:0.009-0.025mm Aluminium foil can provide complete insulation to light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria making it the perfect product to be used in food and medicine packaging. Aluminum foil has been used for decades for its barrier properties mainly within… Continue reading

Aluminum foil uses for a variety of Containers and Kitchen

Aluminum foil can be used to make a variety of containers as well as assist in a variety of kitchen applications. Below are a few common uses of aluminum foil: Covering baking surfaces- Aluminum foil is great to cover or line any kind of baking surface such as: baking sheets,… Continue reading

household aluminum coil,household aluminum foil

HAOMEI aluminum is a factory that specialized in the design, research, production and sale of household aluminum foil rolls,household aluminum coil and aluminum foil containers. Household aluminum foil is widely used in cooking, freezing, baking, storage, etc. Aluminum foil containers are widely used for the packaging of air catering, food… Continue reading