Aluminium foil in insulation and packaging materials

Our aluminium foils and strips are used as facings for laminations with insulation material;Our aluminium foils are also used for coating with bitumen and with foam insulation panels such as PUR foam and PIR foam.

The classification of aluminum foil for air conditioning

Aluminum foil for air conditioning can be divided into the following categories according to its processing technology and performance characteristics. 1, uncoated aluminum foil Non coated aluminum foil refers to the aluminum foil which has not been treated in any form after rolling and annealing. 2. Coated aluminum foil Coated… Continue reading

Manufacturing aluminium kitchen foil sheet

Aluminium kitchen foil is produced by rolling aluminum through a continuous mill which makes the aluminum thinner and longer.Thick aluminium foil reduced through this process and the aluminum product is wound into a coil at the end of the production line. These coils are then cold rolled in cold rolling… Continue reading