Aluminum Foil Tape Manufacturers

Aluminum foil tape manufacturers produce aluminium foil tape for air duct making. The air duct materials adopt aluminium foil mostly, aluminium foil tape air duct is made of aluminum foil composite film attached to high-elasticity spiral-shaped strong steel wire, which can be bent and stretched at will, flame-proof, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, with fine steel wire as the skeleton, wrapped with aluminum foil, used for ventilation of high-rise buildings, smoke exhaust from kitchens and other ventilation environments.

aluminum foil tape manufacturers

Aluminum foil tape manufacturers offer aluminum strip used on the upper and lower surfaces of the air duct, the aluminum alloy is usually 8011 aluminum foil, thickness 0.08-0.13mm, the temper is mainly O, the width is 60mm, 8011 aluminum foil tape has the advantages of high strength, good ductility, easy processing and forming, and good sealing. , High temperature resistance. Compared with plastic smoke pipes, air duct tape aluminum foil has a higher degree of heating, is not easy to age, and has a longer service life.

Aluminum foil tape manufacturers enhanced the product quality to have better performance, the air duct made of 8011 aluminum foil tape have the advantages of:

1, High strength.

The aluminum foil air duct has strong surface hardness, which can effectively resist collision and impact, and avoid damage caused by cross-construction.

2, Heat insulation and fire prevention.

The aluminum foil air duct is non-flammable, smokeless, non-toxic, fireproof, and has good thermal insulation, which can greatly reduce the heat dissipation loss of the air conditioner.

3, Lightweight and durable.

Lightweight to reduce building load and easy to install. Strong weather resistance, can withstand long-term wind, sun, rain.

4, Recyclable.

The recycling rate of aluminum foil composite air ducts can reach 60%-80%, while traditional air ducts can hardly be reused.

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