Household and food grade aluminium foil

  Household aluminium foil and food grade aluminium foil are not the same thing. Household aluminium foil rolls are definitely of food grade, but food grade rolls are not necessarily household ones. By household we mean kitchen or used at home directly.   Food grade aluminum foil is free from toxic elements… Continue reading

The materials and specifications of aluminium foil tape

Aluminum foil tape, as its name implies, it is mainly made of aluminium foil, acrylic or rubber pressure sensitive adhesive.In generally speaking, aluminium foil tape has good adhesion, strong adhesion, fast heat transfer, good conductive function, moisture-proof, moisture-proof and chemical corrosion resistance. Aluminum foil tape specifications are generally divided into… Continue reading

Original Supreme made aluminium foil scrap laminated paper

I’m talking about both regular home type tin foil from cooking also called household aluminium foil, and the heavier type used for cooking pans and pie plates. Is it worth rinsing and adding to my cans.I’ve been saving it with all my other scrap aluminum, apart from cans. And you?

High quality disposable jumbo coil aluminum foil

Due to the good character of anti-corrosion,non-poisonous,waterproof,tasteless ,greaseproof and durable. Disposable jumbo coil aluminum foil are widely used in many field ,such as for food industry, pharmaceutical industry,decoration,hairdressing and other sectors. Our factory is a professional manufacturer of aluminium foil products.