Aluminum foil hair beauty salon

Specifications of aluminum foil hair beauty salon Size Roll/box Volume(m3) 7mx9.5cmx20mic 36rolls 0.026 48mx9.5cmx15mic 12rolls 0.032 50mx12cmx15mic 12rolls 0.032 60mx12cmx16mic 12rolls 0.045 100mx11cmx18mic 6rolls 0.057 Types of aluminum foil hair beauty salon Hollow hairdressing foil: Advantages: You can directly see the progress of the hair color without opening the aluminum… Continue reading

8079 aluminum pharmaceutical foil

8079 aluminum pharmaceutical foil contains a high amount of iron and silicon. It is a packaging material with clean surface, non-toxic, odorless, non-volatile, and will not react with any food. It has high strength, good elongation and stretchability, excellent moisture resistance, air tightness, shading, and abrasion resistance. It is easy… Continue reading

Pharmaceutical aluminum blister foil

  Pharmaceutical aluminum blister foil is also called cold-formed medicinal foil. It is mostly made of 8021-O aluminum foil. It is used for packaging medicines with strong air-tightness and moisture-proof shading. The thickness is 0.04-0.065mm.   The Pharmaceutical aluminum blister foil is also called aluminum-plastic aluminum. The tropical type blister packaging is… Continue reading