8079 aluminum pharmaceutical foil

8079 aluminum pharmaceutical foil contains a high amount of iron and silicon. It is a packaging material with clean surface, non-toxic, odorless, non-volatile, and will not react with any food. It has high strength, good elongation and stretchability, excellent moisture resistance, air tightness, shading, and abrasion resistance. It is easy to process beautiful patterns and patterns in various colors, and is more suitable for packaging medicines. Haomei8079 medicinal aluminum foil has high hardness, strong tension, and some plasticity, which is suitable for packaging of any shape; it has good shading effect and can avoid light such as sunlight, and will not penetrate at high temperatures and low temperatures.

8079 aluminum pharmaceutical foil

8079 pharmaceutical aluminum foil tempers: O, H22, H24
Thickness: 0.018-0.2mm
Uses: lunch box materials, medicine capsules, food packaging, aluminum foil for battery soft packs, etc.

Specifically, Haomei 8079 aluminium pharmaceutical foil has the following characteristics:

  1. Multiple tests for bacteria, molds, etc., non-toxic, tasteless, safe and sanitary;
  2. 8079 aluminum foil has extremely high moisture resistance, gas barrier properties and taste retention, which can effectively protect the packaging;
  3. The shape is stable at high temperature and low temperature, and it will not expand or shrink when the temperature is -73~371°C;
  4. It has excellent electrical conductivity and shading properties.

Pharmaceutical aluminum blister foil

  Pharmaceutical aluminum blister foil is also called cold-formed medicinal foil. It is mostly made of 8021-O aluminum foil. It is used for packaging medicines with strong air-tightness and moisture-proof shading. The thickness is 0.04-0.065mm.

  The Pharmaceutical aluminum blister foil is also called aluminum-plastic aluminum. The tropical type blister packaging is equivalent to adding a layer of cold stamping aluminum foil outer cover on the outside of thermoformed plastic blister and PTP aluminum foil. 8021-O pharmaceutical aluminum foil and 8079-O pharmaceutical aluminum foil are mostly used.

  The blister aluminum foil can be printed with high precision, with rich colors and clear patterns. The plain foil can be printed online on the automatic drug blister packaging machine. It has good oxygen resistance and moisture resistance, and is sealed with the molding material to avoid light and preserve fragrance. The protective layer has excellent high temperature resistance, and the adhesive layer has good heat sealing performance. It can be heat-sealed with PVC, PVC/PVDC, NY/AL/PVC and other composite sheets with good sealing performance. The mill finish aluminum foil is used as the base material, which is easy to push or puncture, which is convenient for consumers to take. The packaged blister board is convenient to carry, convenient for transportation and storage and prevents pollution. It is suitable for high-speed automated production, and can provide products with a width of 50mm -700mm according to the user’s packaging machine model. Pharmaceutical aluminum blister foil rolls are applied to tablets, capsules, effervescent tablets, pills, lozenges, shaped tablets, suppositories, ointments and other blister packs.

Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil

  Specification of packaging pharmaceutical aluminum foil:

  Alloy: AA8011-O or AA8021-O

  Thickness: 0.02~0.075mm

  Width: 200-1700mm

  Application: It is used for packaging medicine tablets, capsules, pills, lozenges, small foods and candies.

  Packaging aluminum pharmaceutical foil is a product dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry. It is manufactured by sandwiching the aluminum foil between nylon (OPA) and PVC film using dry adhesive lamination technology. The laminate provides an almost complete barrier to water and oxygen, thereby allowing the product shelf life to be extended due to the greater thickness of the foil present in the laminate. The pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil has the characteristics of oxygen resistance, moisture resistance, good sealing, easy to carry and use, and pollution prevention. The hard aluminum foil is used as the cover material, which is convenient for consumers to take out the medicine after breaking the aluminum foil. The non-peelable heat-seal coating is used to heat-seal with various plastic substrates.

  According to the printing form, the pharmaceutical aluminum foil falls on plain foil (no printing), printing foil (single-sided printing, double-sided printing, single-color printing, two-color printing, multi-color printing), color foil (single-sided gold, double-sided gold, green background, various color backgrounds ) and anti-counterfeiting (invisible text, pattern, front and back printing). Haomei supplies plain foil and a few printed foil rolls only.

  According to width requirements of the user’s packaging machine models, the pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil is divided into: 125mm, 130mm and 250mm. Haomei supplies a width range of 65mm to 500mm.

Price aluminum foil cigarette 8011

  The 8011 cigarette aluminum foil price ranges between $2800 and $3000 per metric ton. The thickness is 0.0055mm to 0.009mm, and width 200mm to 1500mm. The coil ID can be 76 or 152. The weight is 150kg to 200kg per roll. The cigarette aluminum foil is also known as the double zero aluminium foil or the flexible packing aluminium foil, featured by high water brush level and low pinhole rate. In addition to 8011, AA1235-O and AA8079-O are very popular, too.

  8011 aluminum foil has the functions of insulation, light-shielding and moisture resistance. When the foil is applied as a cigarette packing paper, it gets laminated with other materials like paper. The foil keeps the volatilization of tar inside the cigarettes, so that they can be stored for a longer time. It prevents the original flavor of cigarettes from dissipating and affect the taste of cigarettes. It prevent cigarettes from becoming moldy due to moisture absorption, and the smell of cigarettes from affecting other things, such as clothes and food. The cigarette aluminum foil paper is shiny on one side and matte on the other side, and its chemical properties are relatively stable. The main function is to seal, prevent moisture, and avoid light, and it also has a certain effect of heat preservation and heat insulation. What’s more, the 8011 aluminum cigarette foil price is relatively low in comparison to traditional tin foil.

  Haomei supplies best price 8011 aluminum cigarette foil with only 300 pin holes. Our products are exported to Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey etc. Please note that we supply only raw materials: jumbo roll 8011 aluminum foil, no finished products. Welcome to contact us for a price!

8011 zero temper aluminum foil for sale

  8011 zero temper aluminum foil refer to 8011-O aluminium foil. Its thickness ranges from 0.009mm to 0.2mm, width 100mm to 1700mm and weight over 100kg per roll. Haomei 8011 jumbo roll aluminium foil is applied to household aluminum foil, food container foil, pharmaceutical foil, bottle gasket foil etc.

  The 8011 zero temper aluminum foil has good strength, high water brush level, excellent sealing effect, low pinhole rate and high convex value. 8011 is an 8-series aluminum alloy. Its Si (silicon) content is between 0.5-0.8%, Fe (iron) content is between 0.6-0.9%, and other trace elements. The rest is aluminum. The properties of the alloy are relatively high. The strength of 8011 aluminum foil is high, but the elongation and puncture resistance of 8011 aluminum foil are lower than 8021 aluminum foil. The O state aluminum foil softened by full annealing after rolling has soft material and no residual oil on the surface. At present, soft foil is used in most applications, such as packaging, composite, electrical materials, etc. 8011 O aluminium foil covers the widest scope of application. It can be used in medicine packaging, food packaging, lunch box material, tape foil, cable foil, milk cap material, bottle cap material and many other fields.

  8011 aluminum foil is a hot product of our company. Haomei Aluminium can process zero temper 8011 aluminum foil with thickness of 0.006-0.2mm. We have built long term business relationship with hundreds of clients all over the world. We offer certificates and product guarantee, too.

8011 industrial aluminum foil roll price

  8011 industrial aluminum foil roll price is from $2600/mt to $3000/mt. The price relates a lot to the thickness, surface treatment and application of the foil.

  The thickness of of all aluminium foil rolls, including those of 8011, ranges between 0.006mm to 0.2mm. Generally speaking, the thinner the foil roll, the more expensive it is. For example, the price of household aluminum foil is higher than that of container aluminum foil, for the former is thinner. But there are exceptions, too. Aluminium foil for flexible packing, although of similar thickness to household foil rolls, is much more expensive, because it’s made by extremely strict standards of pinhole and surface quality.

  Surface treatment of the industrial 8011 aluminum foil includes mill finish, embossing, printing and color coating. Haomei supplies only the cheapest type: mill finish. The other types of foil, with extra processing steps, are more expensive and entail employment of machines of other fields.

  The application of 8011 industrial aluminum foil rolls usually corresponds to their applications. For example, the aluminum container foil must be thicker than the household jumbo rolls, and thus it’s lower in price.

  If you a need specific 8011 industrial aluminum foil roll price, welcome to send details. Aluminium foil is not like computers or cell phones, in purchasing which you just need to name a model, and the price can be given. The quotations of aluminium products are based on each detailed manufacturing process you need.

Aluminum foil 8011 jumbo roll

  Aluminum foil 8011 jumbo roll of Haomei is 0.006-0.2mm thick and up to 1700mm wide, applied to ropp caps, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging and other industrial uses. Please note that we supply only big rolls of 8011. If you need household aluminum foil, you will have to slit the big rolls into small rolls in boxes.

  Haomei jumbo roll 8011 aluminum foil has the following applications and features.

  8011 aluminum foil is used for bottle caps: white wine bottle caps, red wine bottle caps, cosmetic bottle caps, milk powder caps, medical cap materials, beverage cap materials, yogurt caps, etc. Advantages: water-brushing grade a, low ear-making rate;

  8011 aluminum foil is used for medicine packaging: PTP medicinal aluminum foil, cold stamping forming medicinal foil, 8011-H18 aluminum foil for medical packaging, capsule aluminum foil, etc. Advantages: high cupping value, high aluminum foil strength, and good sealing;

  8011 aluminum foil is used for food packaging: food packaging, heat-sealing foil, lunch box material, container foil, aluminum foil gasket for sealing; Advantages: the surface is clean and free of foreign matter, and hygiene is guaranteed;

  8011 industrial aluminum foil: aluminum foil for transformers, aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil for cable tapes, aluminum foil for filters; Advantages: clean oil removal, flat pattern;

  The price for 8011 aluminum foil jumbo roll ranges between $2700 to $2900 per mt. Welcome to contact us for a quotation!

8011 aluminum foil roll for coffee capsule

  The specification of 8011 aluminum foil roll for coffee capsule is as below.

  Alloy: 8011-O

  Thickness: 0.0055~0.009mm

  Width: 200-1500mm

  ID (Inner Diameter): 76/152mm, 75/150mm, 3”/6”

  Weight per roll: 150-200kg

  Surface: bright outside, matt inside or dull side in。

  Pinhole: thickness 0.006mm-500pc/m2, 0.0063~0.0065mm-300pc/m2, 0.007~0.009mm-50pc/m2

  Water brush level: top A

  Why 8011 aluminum foil is applied to coffee capsule, then?

  First of all, the 8011 aluminum foil has good sealing performance, which can well protect the original taste of coffee without losing the aroma, the related aroma, and the moisture of the coffee. Secondly, the aluminum foil avoids light and avoids exposure of the coffee to the sun, so as to better protect the coffee products. Colorless, odorless, non-toxic, packaged coffee, will not produce peculiar smell and toxins, is an environmentally friendly product. The appearance is smooth, the printing effect is good, and the colorful patterns related to the printing of coffee aluminum foil make coffee and other products more prominent. Thirdly, the 8011 aluminum foil for coffee capsule has strong plasticity, and different coffee bag types can be made according to customer requirements.

  In short, 8011 aluminium foil has a protective effect on coffee products, whether it is in the container or during transportation, it better protects the coffee from external influences, and better protects coffee and other related products.

Aluminum foil alloy 8011 advantages over 1050 aluminium foil

  Both aluminum foil alloy 8011 and 1050 are popular aluminium foil alloys. In theory and practice the 8011 foil has better properties and performances than 1050. In terms of performance, the aluminum content of pure aluminum foil 1050 is not less than 99.5%. Although it has good rust resistance, formability and weldability, compared with 8011 aluminum foil, 1050 is relatively soft, has a low work hardening rate and is resistant to tension. Low intensity. In terms of use, 8011 aluminum foil is commonly used as beer foil, household foil, air-conditioning foil, and a few cable foils or plates. And 1050 aluminum foil is commonly used as cable tape, sheet, and double zero foil.

  Alloy 8011 aluminum foil is added with Al-Fe-Si element, tensile strength 125-165, yield strength 110, elongation 2-5. 8011 is commonly used as aluminum foil, not often used as aluminum plate, has excellent performance, usually used as bottle cap material ( It is used for wine bottle caps, cosmetic bottle caps, beverage bottle caps), pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, and industrial aluminum foil.

  8011 aluminum foil is a superior product of Haomei Aluminum. The process is mature, and the aluminum foil produced has a clean surface, uniform color, and no spots and voids. And it has the advantages of moisture-proof performance, shading advantage and higher blocking ability, strong mechanical performance, good shear and tensile performance, and easy processing. We can produce 8011 aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.016-0.5mm according to user needs. Welcome to purchase.

8021 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical companies

  Haomei 8021 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical companies is of O state, 0.0062~0.2mm thick, and 100 to 1600mm wide. 8021 aluminum foil is the main product of pharmaceutical packaging. 8021 aluminum foil has excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier capacity. health. After being laminated, printed, and glued, aluminum foil is widely used as a packaging material. After being compounded and printed, 8021 aluminum foil is widely used in the packaging of various medicine capsules, tablets and granules.

  Features of Haomei 8021 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical companies

  (1) The surface is clean and hygienic, and no bacteria or microorganisms can grow on the surface.

  (2) 8021-O state aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material, which can be in direct contact with medicines without any hazard to human health.

  (3) 8021-O state aluminum foil is a odorless and odorless packaging material, which will not cause any peculiar smell to the packaged medicine.

  (4) No matter at high temperature or low temperature, there will be no drug penetration phenomenon in 8021-O aluminum foil.

  (5) 8021-O aluminum foil has high hardness and high tensile strength, but its tear strength is small, so it is easy to tear.

  (6) 8021-O state aluminum foil is an opaque packaging material, so it is a good packaging material for medicines that need to avoid sunlight.