Aluminum Foil Flexible Packaging

Aluminum foil flexible packaging has high strength, good elongation and compressibility. Aluminum foil 1235 and 8079 have a wide range of applications in flexible packaging due to its special properties and low cost. Flexible packaging is a bag-type container made of flexible composite packaging materials. Different processes such as dry lamination, hot melt lamination, and extrusion lamination are used according to the different uses of flexible packaging. Flexible packaging not only has the functions of moisture-proof and fresh-keeping, but also can print various patterns and characters. It is an ideal material for modern commercial packaging. Flexible packaging aluminum foil mainly uses the metallic luster, light barrier, gas barrier and certain strength and ductility of aluminum foil.

aluminum foil flexible packaging
aluminum foil flexible packaging

The product specification of aluminum foil flexible packaging are:

Alloy: 8079, 1235 aluminum foil

Temper: O

Thickness: 0.006mm-0.02mm

Width: 200mm-1600mm

Surface: single-sided light, other side mate

Tensile strength (N/mm2): 70-100

Elongation (%):≥3

Processing method: composite paper, plastic film embossing and coloring, printing, etc.

End use: candy, milk and dairy products, powdered food, beverage, tea, bread and various small food, etc.

The main quality emphasis of aluminum foil flexible packaging is on the air barrier, light barrier, uniform surface gloss, and the sealing must be aesthetically pleasing. The flexible packaging aluminum foil is mainly the outer packaging of cigarettes, wine and food. Since aluminum foil is used as the main packaging material, there is no or very little composite layer, and no pinholes are required.

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