Aluminum Foil Uses

aluminum foil uses

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the development of tourism, the demand for beverages and canned foods such as beer and soda is increasing, and modern packaging and decoration are required to facilitate competition in the international market. In recent years, in order to meet market requirements, packaging… Continue reading

Aluminum Foil Paper Manufacturers

Aluminum foil paper manufacturers uses adhesive to laminate paper, cardboard and other plastics, aluminum foil, cloth, etc. to obtain composite processed paper. Composite processed aluminum foil paper can not only improve the appearance performance and strength of paper and cardboard, but also improve the performance of waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-resistant, air-tight and… Continue reading

Food Packaging Aluminium Foil Manufacturers

There are many food packaging aluminium foil manufacturers in China who is well known as good quality, low cost and fast delivery. The food packaging aluminium foil usually adopt 8011 alloy aluminum foil. Most people only do not know that the packaging paper of food is made of 8011 aluminum foil,… Continue reading

Battery Aluminum Foil Manufacturers

Battery aluminum foil manufacturers offer high quality 0.001-0.005 aluminum foil with 1060/1235 alloy O H14, H18 temper. Aluminum foil is the key material in the positive electrode of lithium batteries. Aluminum foil is not only the carrier of the negative electrode active material in the lithium ion battery, but also the… Continue reading

Packing Aluminium Foil Factory

8011 aluminum foil is considered to be the most welcomed product of packing aluminium foil factory. 8011 aluminum foil is mainly added with Fe, Si and other elements. The surface of the 8011 aluminum foil produced by Haomei Aluminum is clean, uniform in color, without spots and holes, and can… Continue reading

Air-conditioning Foil For Sale

The alloy grades of aluminum air-conditioning foil mainly include 1100, 1200, 3102, 8011, 8006, etc. Whether it is made of hot-rolled billet or cast-rolled billet, the main alloy composition of air-conditioning aluminum foil should meet the requirements of GB 3190-2008. However, during production, the actual control composition range of different manufacturers… Continue reading

Aluminium Foil Roll Price

aluminium foil roll price

Haomei Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum foil manufacturer in China who offer good aluminium foil roll price. Haomei Aluminum can produce 8011 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil, 1235 aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil, 1060 aluminum foil, 1070 aluminum foil and 1100 aluminum foil, aluminum foil for adhesive… Continue reading

Anti-dumping measures against China aluminium foil in the past year

  On December 27, 2019, the Mexican Ministry of Economy issued the final ruling on the anti-dumping investigation against aluminum foil paper rolls originating in China, and decided to take final anti-dumping measures, valid for 5 years. The Mexican customs number of the product involved is 76071101.   In June 2019, India… Continue reading