How To Use Aluminium Foil For Packaging Food

Whether going to barbecue or in a home oven, aluminium foil is often used, which is used to wrap food for barbecue, steaming and baking. Many delicacies can be made with aluminium foil, such as grilled fish, grilled ribs, grilled eggplant, enoki mushrooms and various seafood, etc. Aluminium foil for food packaging only has a thin layer, the thickness is usually no more than 0.2mm, but it has strong thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. Using it to wrap food not only heats up quickly, prevents scorching, heats evenly and easily locks the soup, and keeps it fresh and tender It also prevents oil stains from sticking to the oven. Every time we use aluminum foil, we faced with a super problem, how to use aluminium foil for packaging food?

how to use aluminium foil for packaging food

When using aluminum foil for packaging food, it is necessary to distinguish the positive and negative sides, the bright side is the front side, and the matte side is the reverse side. Since the matte surface of aluminium foil reflects less light and absorbs more heat, the matte surface should be in contact with the food when wrapping food, and the bright surface of aluminium foil for food packaging should be exposed outside. In addition, you should try to avoid contact with seasonings or foods with strong acidity and alkalinity. Such as vinegar, lemon, baking soda, etc., in order to avoid chemical reactions, resulting in aluminum salts.

Aluminum foil paper uses the heat conduction function of metal to achieve grilling food, and helps the heat energy to be evenly distributed into the food when used, but different differences are made on the front and back sides. The principle of reflection is used on the bright side to isolate heat radiation, just like the sunshade of a car. The plate, on the matte surface, uses the absorption of heat energy, and uses aluminum foil paper to speed up the cooking time of the food when roasting meat. When roasting the meat at a distance from the heat, it is heat radiation, so using the bright side out will hit the heat back. Be sure to use the fog side out when grilling, and use the bright side when insulating. These are the answers about how to use aluminium foil for packaging food.

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