8011 aluminum foil roll for coffee capsule

  The specification of 8011 aluminum foil roll for coffee capsule is as below.

  Alloy: 8011-O

  Thickness: 0.0055~0.009mm

  Width: 200-1500mm

  ID (Inner Diameter): 76/152mm, 75/150mm, 3”/6”

  Weight per roll: 150-200kg

  Surface: bright outside, matt inside or dull side in。

  Pinhole: thickness 0.006mm-500pc/m2, 0.0063~0.0065mm-300pc/m2, 0.007~0.009mm-50pc/m2

  Water brush level: top A

  Why 8011 aluminum foil is applied to coffee capsule, then?

  First of all, the 8011 aluminum foil has good sealing performance, which can well protect the original taste of coffee without losing the aroma, the related aroma, and the moisture of the coffee. Secondly, the aluminum foil avoids light and avoids exposure of the coffee to the sun, so as to better protect the coffee products. Colorless, odorless, non-toxic, packaged coffee, will not produce peculiar smell and toxins, is an environmentally friendly product. The appearance is smooth, the printing effect is good, and the colorful patterns related to the printing of coffee aluminum foil make coffee and other products more prominent. Thirdly, the 8011 aluminum foil for coffee capsule has strong plasticity, and different coffee bag types can be made according to customer requirements.

  In short, 8011 aluminium foil has a protective effect on coffee products, whether it is in the container or during transportation, it better protects the coffee from external influences, and better protects coffee and other related products.

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