a wide range of jumbo coil aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is soft metal film, not only has the moistureproof, airtight, shading, resistance to abrasion, the sweet, avirulent insipidity advantages, but also because it has elegant silvery white luster, easy to work out all kinds of colour beautiful designs and decorative pattern. Especially aluminum foil and plastic and paper compound after aluminum foil of shielding sex and the strength of the paper, plastic hot sealing is an organic whole, further improve the packaging materials as necessary to water vapor, air, ultraviolet ray and bacteria, and shielding performance, greatly widened the application of aluminum foil.In the above all purposes, can be the most effective use of the aluminum foil performance point as a packaging material.

The aluminum foil is pliable, and can be readily bent or wrapped around objects. Thin foils are fragile and are sometimes laminated to other materials such as plastics or paper to make them more useful.

Product Name aluminum foil
Product Alloy Thickness Width ID mm Remark
Cable wrap foil 1235/8011-O 0.2-2.0mm 60-1700mm 76








Bottle cap foil 8011-H14/H16
Household foil 1235/8011-O 0.005-0.2mm 100-1700mm
Container foil 3003-H24/ 8011-H24
Flexible packingfoil 1100/1235/8011-O
Lable foil 8011-O

HAOMEI is China’s jumbo coil aluminum foil and foil laminates supplier in different variants – plain, laminated, lacquered and printed which are used for various packaging applications. With state-of-the-art foil rolling facilities incorporate the latest technology and offer a wide range of quality aluminum foils upto a thickness of 6 micron.

HAOMEI facility has a casting facility where cold aluminium is molten, cast and rolled to make jumbo coil aluminum foil. The mills operate at high speeds and have capability to offer foil in widths upto 1,620 mm. A well-equipped laboratory along with stringent process controls, together ensure the right quality at every stage of manufacturing.

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