Aluminium Foil in Microwave Oven

Aluminium foil in microwave oven has excellent oil and water resistance, and it is easy to recycle after it is discarded. Due to the high content of aluminium foil, it is currently mainly used to produce aluminum foil food containers in airline hotel catering. The aluminium foil container is convenient to packaging and heat food.

aluminium foil in microwave oven

Many friends what to know if the aluminium foil can be used in microwave oven. The answer is no! Any metal tableware cannot be put in the microwave oven. Because of the iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other utensils put into the furnace, the microwave oven will generate electric sparks and reflect the microwave when heating, which will damage the furnace body and heat the uncooked food. Microwaves produced by microwave ovens belong to the radio wave frequency band, usually around 2500MHz. The microwave in this frequency band has the following characteristics:

1, It can be absorbed by food and water, causing the molecules to move violently and generate heat.

2, Cannot be absorbed by plastics, ceramics and glass.

3, Metal will conduct electricity under the influence of microwave electric field. Thicker metal can withstand the electric field of microwaves and reflect the microwaves. Therefore, the inner wall of the microwave oven is made of very thick metal. Similarly, if a thick metal container is placed in the microwave, the metal container will reflect the microwave and make the inside, the food cannot be heated.

Metal aluminium foil in microwave oven can also reflect microwaves, damage the microwave tubes, generate electric sparks, and even cause fires and explosions. But not any aluminum foil can be heated in a microwave oven! You can use special microwave oven aluminum foil, it can control the degree very well, heat the four parts of the food evenly, it can also prevent nutrient loss!

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