Aluminium Foil Manufacturer Specializing In Aluminium

Aluminium foil manufacturer with 4 to 5 pass rolling into 5.5 ~ 8um aluminum foil. Rolling process for the rough rolling, roll, finishing, cutting, annealing, packaging. Finished aluminum foil has a variety of effects, such as tobacco, food soft bag, capacitors and so on.

In particular,The thinnest aluminium foil used for wrapping chocolates may be only 6 microns thick (about one-eighth the thickness of newspaper!), with household wrapping and cooking aluminium foil between 11 and 18 microns, lidding foil between about 30 and 40 microns, and aluminium foil for foil containers generally between 40 and 90 microns.

The ingots of aluminium are heated to make them more malleable, rolled, passing backwards and forwards through large rollers as the slab gets thinner and thinner, and longer and longer. This metal strip is hot rolled to a thickness of 2 to 4 mm (2000 to 4000 microns) and then coiled, before being cold rolled to metal thicknesses of between 6 and 400 microns.

The aluminium foil is then annealed by a thermal process to make it pliable: great care is taken to ensure the correct balance between flexibility and strength for different applications.

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