Is aluminium foil for hairdressing an extra heavy duty foil

  Is aluminium foil for hairdressing an extra heavy duty aluminum foil? Considering the thickness of hair salon aluminium foil, we can give a positive answer.

aluminum foil for hair dressing

  As known to all, the regular thickness ranges of aluminum foil jumbo rolls are between 0.009mm to 0.2mm. What we contact most frequently is the food packaging and wrapping aluminium foil which can be very thin, much thinner than hair salon aluminium foil. And air conditioner foil can either be thin or thick depending on the heat dissipation requirements. An aluminium foil for hairdressing must be 15micron thick and above. Regular thicknesses supplied by Haomei include 15micron, 16micron, 18micron and 20micron, which are respectively 0.015mm, 0.016mm, 0.018mm and 0.02mm. These are so called single-zero aluminium tin foil in China, much thicker than double-zero foil with two zeros after decimal point.

  Why a hair salon foil must be an extra heavy duty aluminum foil? I once interviewed a hair stylist who told me that the hardness of ordinary household aluminium foil is insufficient to wrap and fix hair in conditioning. The foil tape for hair beauty must be thick enough to obtain relative hardness to meet the requirement. In addition, the hair goes through a high-temperature conditioning to get the made shape stable even after the hair gets dry. If the foil is too thin, there is a danger that the hair might be burnt during the conditioning process.

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