Is aluminum foil 11 micron jumbo heavy duty aluminium foil

  Is aluminum foil 11 micron jumbo heavy duty aluminium foil? Whether an aluminium foil heavy duty foil or not largely depends on its thickness. The thickness of heavy duty aluminum rolls ranges from 0.1mm to 0.2mm, namely 100 micron to 200 micron. Therefore, the 11 micron aluminium foil jumbo is not heavy duty foil.

  A aluminum foil 11 micron jumbo falls on the category of single zero foil, which has a thickness of 0.01mm and less than 0.1mm. Because of its excellent properties and continuous progress in production technology, single zero aluminium foil is currently widely used in beverage packaging, flexible packaging, cigarette packaging, capacitors and construction industries. The surface of the foil is smooth and oil-free, which is not conducive to the growth of bacteria. Food grade 11 micron aluminum foil can be in direct contact with food, does not cause harm to human health, and it is not easy to volatilize, so the packaged food will not dry out and deform. The foil has high hardness and tensile strength, but its tear strength is small, so it is easy to be torn. The aluminum foil itself cannot be heat-sealed, so heat-sealing can only be done by applying heatable materials such as pe on its surface. Single zero aluminum foil manufacturer Haomei aluminium produces foil with 0.018-0.5mm thickness, and the application scope covers medicine packaging foil, tape foil, food packaging, electronic foil, etc.

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