Price of 1kg freshwrapp aluminium foil 72 m 50gm

  The freshwrapp aluminium foil is of different specifications, like 1kg, 72m, 50gm, 12mircon etc. As a kind of household aluminium foil, its price varies with thickness, weight, length and quality. Please refer to Why is it difficult to obtain a specific aluminium foil price for details. In addition, food containing industry is embracing fresh wrap aluminium foil, too.

freshwrapp aluminium foil

  With the rapid development of the fresh food industry, businesses have increasingly strong demand for fresh-keeping packaging and prefabricated food packaging. Traditional modified atmosphere packaging has been difficult to meet the different requirements for materials for various fresh food materials and packaging differentiation. Under this situation, aluminum foil food packaging for modified atmosphere freshness came into being. As the aluminum foil material has obvious advantages in barrier properties, combined with cover film and air conditioning technology, it can effectively extend the shelf life of food and reduce the loss caused by food waste.

  The shelf life of ordinary packaging is only 1-2 days. Modified atmosphere packaging can extend the shelf life to 7 days. Modified atmosphere packaging using freshwrapp aluminium foil doubles the shelf life to 15 days. Even steamed all aluminum foil food modified atmosphere packaging The shelf life can be as long as one year and 12 months. Aluminum foil is resistant to high temperatures and can be heated by ovens, microwaves, steaming and other advantages. It has also been widely used in prefabricated food packaging. In the future, we will see more and more prefabricated foods packaged in aluminum foil containers in fresh food and beverage stores. The dining experience brings more and better packaging options.

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